Project Anti-Disguise
  September 22, 2004 01:59 PM
October 20, 2002
So Far, So Good

We're still getting the results back from our nationwide investigation of the major retailers selling "Kung Fool." Based on preliminary results, we have reason to be encouraged: nearly all of the retailers who still had the costume in their stores were prohibiting customers from purchasing them, citing the manufacturer recall.

And for you geniuses who thought it was a good idea to further insult Asians by trying to sell "Kung Fool" on eBay: there were two masks that went up for auction in the past few days and we've since challenged eBay to comply with their own terms of service, which prohibit manufacture-recalled or racist products from being auctioned. One notable moron had complained, "Free speech!" in response to our efforts; apparently he was unaware that we just exercised it on his ass.

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