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  September 22, 2004 01:59 PM
October 18, 2002
'Kung Fool' Costume Generates Complaints

The Asian American Journalists Association says its national office has received numerous complaints about a "Kung Fool" costume on sale for Halloween, and says that stories about protests and petitions against the manufacturer are increasing.

"Quoted below is part of an e-mail we received from Elbert Oh, web master of [], one of the many organizations involved in the protests. We are issuing this advisory to AAJA members so that they are made aware of the issues involved in this new controversy and point them to possible resources if they decide to write a news story or commentary for their respective news organizations:

"Along with the typical accessories used for masquerading as a Kung-Fu master (kimono, belt and vinyl cap, apparently), the 'Kung Fool' costume also includes a rubber mask of an unmistakably Asian person -- a slanty-eyed, buck-toothed Asian wearing a headband with the Chinese character for "Loser" inscribed. Asian Americans are understandably offended by such "ching-chong-chinamen" imagery, used so consistently throughout history to marginalize our community, but non-Asians, I think, should be similarly disturbed and offended, since this is a product marketed to children. NBC News covered our efforts this evening to have the mask recalled, and they'll be providing live local coverage of our protest this Friday at the company's headquarters. We would greatly appreciate any assistance your organization could provide in increasing awareness about this racist costume. You can view pictures of the costume at

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