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October 20, 2002
So Far, So Good

We're still getting the results back from our nationwide investigation of the major retailers selling "Kung Fool." Based on preliminary results, we have reason to be encouraged: nearly all of the retailers who still had the costume in their stores were prohibiting customers from purchasing them, citing the manufacturer recall.

And for you geniuses who thought it was a good idea to further insult Asians by trying to sell "Kung Fool" on eBay: there were two masks that went up for auction in the past few days and we've since challenged eBay to comply with their own terms of service, which prohibit manufacture-recalled or racist products from being auctioned. One notable moron had complained, "Free speech!" in response to our efforts; apparently he was unaware that we just exercised it on his ass.

Posted by Elbert Oh at 01:25 PM
October 19, 2002
Yellowworld's Nationwide Investigation - Saturday, Oct. 19 2002

Disguise, Inc. has complied with our formal demand by issuing an apology and request to all retail stores to pull the blatantly racist "Kung Fool" costume by close of business today, Friday October 18, 2002.

Tomorrow, Saturday, October 19, we need you to visit one of the following local retailers to confirm whether the costumes have been pulled.

Spencer Gift's

Party City


If you find the costumes at any of these retail stores, please take a picture of the costumes next to the store sign, or, in the alternative, write down the name and location of the store and notify Kasie Lee immediately at

Please comply with all store rules and regulations.

Posted by Elbert Oh at 10:19 PM
October 17, 2002
Return Authorization number (1115)

Disguise's Letter to Retailers:

As you may know, the design of Disguise, Inc.'s (Disguise) "Kung Fool" costume has raised concerns among some Asian American Groups. In direct response to these concerns, Disguise will no long produce, market or ship this product. Furthermore, we have established a Return Authorization number (1115) to accommodate returns of the products. We encourage you to return any of the Kung Fool costumes and/or masks for full credit. Disguise is a culturally sensitive company. Many of our employees are of Asian American descent and we take the complaints that have been received very seriously. No insult or offense was intended against any race, ethnicity, or individual by the sale of this product we have issued the enclosed press release apologizing for the design of the product. Finally, we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause your company. Please contact us directly should you have any questions. Thank you in advance for your understanding and consideration.

Stephen C. Stanley
Executive Vice President

Joe Anton
Executive Vice President

Posted by Elbert Oh at 10:17 PM
Update from the Legal Team
On October 12, 2002, served Disguise, Inc. with a letter demanding that each 'Kung Fool' costume be recalled from all distributing retail stores and market venues by the close of business on Friday, October 18, 2002. Disguise, Inc. was......Read more

Posted by Elbert Oh at 10:17 PM
October 16, 2002
The Whirlwind Against Disguise!
I'm happy to share some positive new developments with Project Anti-Disguise in the last 48 hours and to preview our activities for this weekend. The Bandwagon. Awareness is expanding. At the time of this writing, more than 3,500 signatures have......Read more

Posted by Elbert Oh at 10:15 PM
October 15, 2002
Party City Says It's Been Removed

An email from the customer service department at Party City: "Direction to pull this costume was sent out to our stores on 10/7. No official statement has been released."

Let's keep our eyes peeled on 10/18 anyway just to be sure.

Posted by Elbert Oh at 10:13 PM
October 14, 2002
We Need Your Help On Friday October 18!

We have made a formal demand to Disguise, Inc. to remove each Kung Fool costume by the close of business on FRIDAY OCTOBER 18, 2002. The company has been informed that their failure to pull the costumes will result in a legal action. If, after the close of business on Friday, October 18, 2002, you find these costumes at any retail store, particularly Spencer Gifts or Party City, please take a picture of the costumes or, in the alternative, write down the name and location of the store and notify me immediately at

Thank you for your great work and support. Please continue informing your friends and family of this matter and directing them to our online petition at

Link to us using our new button!


We are looking for affiliate organizations and websites to join us in our efforts. Please email the webmaster at for more details.

Posted by kasia at 10:09 PM
October 13, 2002 to Get Back to Us

An email from a customer representative:

"At this time I do not have the authority to remove anything from our catalog; however, I will advise my manager of your concerns when I go into the warehouse on Monday afternoon. I can assure you that we are not carrying any costumes with the intent to be racist. We are not the only Halloween store that carries this costume and we carry what our manufacturer ships to us.

As I said, I will discuss this issue with my manager on Monday afternoon.

Thank you for your concern,

Customer Service

Posted by Elbert Oh at 10:12 PM
October 12, 2002
Disguise Going Back on Their Word?
One of the executives from Disguise's corporate office called me this morning (upon threat of a lawsuit). He apologized for upsetting the asian community and informed me that they are in the process of pulling the costumes. Upon my request......Read more

Posted by kasia at 10:06 PM
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